About us

Oleece. Over 100 years of history
in the production of olive oil and Greek currants


For three generations now, from the early 1900s until today, the Stoubos family continues to pass on the traditions of olive cultivation and harvesting from generation to generation. Today, the same family, with more than a century of know-how in the field, pioneered the production of olive oil and through the company Oleece takes the next step, dynamically entering the field of olive oil standardization and marketing, offering the market a distinguished product that stands out.

With constant knowledge and expertise, evolution through new technological methods but above all respect for the land and tradition of olive cultivation, Oleece aspires to lead the olive oil market, expanding its network of partners in the international market.

Steadfast in our values ​​and principles, always based on quality and respect for the end consumer, we also aim to create a wide range of products that will be lovingly produced from the blessed Achaic land, always driven by consumer needs.

Our place and olive groves

Our most sacred heritage, our olive groves.

On the slopes of Aegialia overlooking the Corinthian Gulf are our family owned olive groves. An area of perfect geomorphology, as the constant sunshine combined with the blessed sea breeze give our olive trees a special euphoria. Our sloping olive groves are eastern oriented so the moisture is missing from the atmosphere. Humidity is one of the biggest enemies of crops and it is due to most diseases of the crops caused by fungi. As a result this gives us fruit without an environmental footprint compared to areas where humidity is a daily occurrence.

For us the land of our ancestors is our most sacred heritage. So, after our family, our olives are our children. We give them all our love and care, we cultivate them with care and respect, offering the best we can, in order to offer them the best they can give: the extra virgin olive oil Oleece.

From the early 1900s to today, for more than a century, both the harvesting of fruit and the production of our own olive oil have been carried out with utmost dedication and care, just as our ancestors taught us, always strictly traditional methods, in order for the olive spirit to remain pure and pure, while maintaining its unique, balanced taste and, of course, its beneficial properties. So we can be sure we provide an unbeatable high nutritional value product.