Olive. Fruit of life.

The most perfect fruit of nature. The warmth of the sun, the salty wind and the “hardness” of the Mediterranean land, concentrated in a small green treasure.

Traditionally, Greece is inextricably tied to olive oil production. From antiquity to the present day, the awareness of the importance of olive tree cultivation and olive oil production is “written” in our genetic code. A substance of life closely linked to the Mediterranean diet. An integral part of every Greek food.

For this reason, the olive harvest was and continues to be a ‘feast’. A great opportunity to reunite families under the shade of olive trees and pass the secret from one generation to the next.

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Extra virgin olive oil Oleece.

The distillation of the most exquisite fruits of Achaia, the extra virgin olive oil…


the Greek currant

One of nature’s most important gifts to man. The Greek currant “Stafida”…