Our Philosophy

Our olive oil. The essence of our philosophy


Respect for nature and the environment, respect for the harvest and production process, respect for the consumer. This triptych summarizes the core of Oleece’s philosophy. We respect nature and its rhythms and support sustainability by applying the most traditional cultivation practices, with the aim of minimizing the environmental impact, leaving a zero environmental footprint.

Respect at all stages of production, from fruit picking to bottling, ensuring high product quality through stringent controls. So we can offer everyone the extra virgin olive oil Oleece, a unique nutritional treasure, well-being and longevity.

Our goal

Our Vision: Our Oil Everywhere on Earth

The extra virgin olive oil Oleece is exquisite, not only because it is produced in the most ideal conditions and the most stringent standards of safety and quality but much more because it manages to concentrate within its balanced taste and characteristic aroma the taste of Greek tradition and values. land. This fine taste that we in the Stub family know from generation to generation, we aspire to travel across the world through Oleece.


That is why we are constantly aiming to open new markets both in Greece and abroad, ensuring long-term and highly successful partnerships, which enable high quality products and prompt customer service. Our ambition is not only to develop Oleece into a model company in the field of olive oil production, standardization and marketing, but also to create even more products, unique food treasures of the Achaean land, that will travel the taste of Greece on five continents.