Extra virgin olive oil Oleece

The essence of life

The distillation of the most exquisite fruits of Achaia, the extra virgin olive oil Oleece, brings together all those tasty and quality characteristics of a top quality olive oil: intense, rich fruity taste, unique aroma of freshly cut olive fruit, deep golden green color.

It is distinguished for its unique organoleptic characteristics as its acidity does not exceed 0.8% and is rich in antioxidants and monounsaturated fatty acids. For this reason Oleece is a top quality product and is essential in the daily diet as it offers the full benefits of pure olive oil.

The olive fruit, from the Koroneiki and Koutsourelia varieties, is harvested with the most traditional and traditional methods to protect it from blows and transferred to the mill in a very short time, in order to preserve its quality.

This ensures 100% of the excellent taste of olive oil and its unique nutrients. In addition, the production and bottling process is carried out with the most stringent safety standards and, of course, with the most advanced technology, so that the product enjoyed by the end consumer is not only a guarantee of excellent quality but much more than that: a living substance, essential to every Greek table and every table that wants to stand out for its taste and quality.

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